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Frequently Asked Questions (CAT)

Given below are some of the common questions asked....

1. What is this Course all about/ Tell me something about this Course?

The Certificate Course in Accounting Technicians (CAT) is of one year, which comprises of Examinations,Computer Training, Practical Training and Orientation Training Programme. It comprises of two parts- Foundation Course (Entry Level) Part-l and Competency Level Part-ll . Its main objective is to develop among the students the necessary skills required to apply theoretical knowledge of Accounting to practical situations in different functional areas of Accounting;
The details and prospectus for the Admission to the Course is available on website www.icwai.org and also with Regional Councils and Chapters.


2. What is the Eligibility for admission to CAT Course?

The Student who have passed/appearing 12th Class (10+2) examination are eligible to take admission in Foundation (Entry Level) Part-I of CAT Course. Graduates and Foundation Passed students of ICWAI are eligible to take direct admission in Competency Level (Part-II).



3. What is the duration of the CAT Course?

The duration of the Course is One Year.



4.Can I simultaneously appear in Entry Level and Competency Level?

Simultaneous appearing in Entry Level and Competency Level is not allowed for CAT Course.

5. What is the Medium of CAT Course?  

The Course is available both in Hindi and English. The Study Material of all the subjects is available in Hindi as well.



6. What documents are to be submitted at the time of Registration?


i) A candidate seeking admission as a student should submit Admission Form (Form CAT F1),Oral Coaching Form (Form CAT-F2), Exemption Request Form (Form CAT-F3)(if applicable) and Identity Card duly filled in which are available with the prospectus.
ii) Copies of attested documents giving the proof of qualification and age.
iii) Attested passport size photograph duly pasted on the forms whereever required.


7. Who all can attest the documents and photographs?

Students documents and photographs should be attested by any member of ICWAI/ICA/ICSI/members of parliament/state legislative assembly or a principal of a College.

8. Is this Course available as correspondence or postal as well?

No, Certificate in Accounting Technicians is a Regular/Oral Course.

9.What is the eligibility for admission to Foundation Course (entry level) part-l?

A student can enroll for foundation course (entry level)- Part-I of the CAT course provided he has:
a) passed Senior Secondary School Examination (10+2) of a Board recognised by the Central Government or State Government or equivalent examination as recognised by All India Council of Technical Education or National Council of Higher Education.
b)students who are awaiting results of 10+2 examination or equivalent examination may also apply for provisional admission


10.What is the eligibility for admission to Competency level part-ll?

A student can enroll for competency level Part-II of the CAT course provided he has:
a) passed foundation course (entry level Part - I) examination of CAT or ICWAI main course conducted by the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India.
b) passed graduation in any discipline

11. What is the last date for admission in CAT Course?  

Enrollment to Foundation course (entry level) part-l/Competency level part-ll is open throughout the year. However, the candidates must enrolled at least six months prior to the month in which such examination commences.Thus the cut-off dates for enrollment are as follows:-
For June Term Examination 18th December of previous year
For December Term Examination 26th June of same year

12.What is the course fee?

Fee for complete CAT Course is Rs. 8,600/- for ICWAI Foundation passed candidates and Graduates is Rs. 8,500/- (including exemption fees of Rs. 2000/- @ Rs. 500/- per subject) for direct admission in Competency Level Part-II Course. This Fee includes Registration Fee, Tuition Fee, Computer Training Fee, Training Registration Fee and Study Material Cost..

13.Is there any time limit for valid registration?

Yes, if a student fails to appear in Part-I or Part-II Examination as the case may be within three years from the date of his registration, the registration shall be cancelled after the said period. In such case, the student has to apply for Re-registration.
Registration is valid for a period of seven years from the date of registration for a student who appears in Part-I or Part-II Examination as the case may be within three years from the date of his registration. After the expiry of seven years period, his registration shall be cancelled. In such case, the student has to apply for ‘DE NOVO’ Registration.

14. Please give me some idea about oral Coaching/ Is there any minimum attendence required to make me eligible for appearing in the examination/What is the duration of Oral Coaching?

The objective of oral Coaching is to equip the student to pass the examination and develop the skill and understanding of the papers covered in the course.The procedure of oral Coaching is given below :
i) A student desirous of pursuing the course has to get admitted in a Regional Council or Chapter or Recognized Oral Coaching Centres of CAT Directorate.
ii) Duration of Oral Coaching for Foundation Course (Entry Level)-Part-I and also for Competency Level Part-II shall be 4 months.
iii) A student shall have a minimum 70% attendance to make him eligible to appear the examination under CAT course.
iv) However, there is no requirement of Coaching Completion Certificate.

15.What is the objective of Computer Training in CAT Course/Please give me the list of all Institutes providing Computer Training?

The objective of Computer Training in Accounting Technicians course is to develop the necessary skill of operations of some essential software commonly used in accounting fields including Accounting Software to impart training to CAT students.The Course of computer Training will be given by respective regional council along with the list of authorized/recognized Institutes of Computer Training at the time of registration.

16. Do I need to do any practical training?

Every registered student for the CAT Course shall be required to undergo practical training for a period of 6 months after appearance in an Examination of Entry Levels Part - I of CAT on whole time basis to the satisfaction of the Directorate of Accounting Technicians in any one or more organizations given under Clause 1 and in the areas given in Clause 2 for the purpose of recognition for training taken by a student.

you may visit the website of the Institute:CAT Prospectus where a List of Organizations recognised for practical training and recognised areas of practical training are listed in Clause-1 and 2 respectively.

17. Is there any fee for registration in practical training?


There is no fee for Registration of a Trainee by the CAT Directorate or Regional Council.

18. What is Orientation Training Programme and at what stage I can attend this Training Programme?

After completion of CAT Course (both part-l and part-ll) and requisite Practical Training of 6 months and computer training, a student needs to undergo Orientation Training programme for 15 days at a Regional Council or Chapter or Recognized Oral Coaching Centre of Directorate of CAT. The objective of Orientation Programme is to equip the students with special knowledge in all fields of practical aspects relating to Accounting, Taxation, Returns, Filings etc.

19. What will be the duration of Practical Training, Computer Training and Orientation Training?

The details are given below:

Training                                     Duration

i) Practical Training                      6 months
ii) Computer Training                   60 hours
iii) Orientation Training                 15 days


20. What is the last date of Application for Examination? 


Term of Examination                                    Last date
June Term examination                                    15th April
December Term examination                           25th October
However, a candidate can apply for examination within 10 days after last date with late fee.


21. Can I take Provisional Admission to the foundation course?


Incumbents waiting for the result of 10+2 examination or equivalent examination may take provisional admission for appearing in the foundation course.


22. What are the papers of CAT Course?


A) Foundation Course (Entry Level) – Part-I
Paper 1: Organization and Management Fundamentals.
Paper 2: Accounting
Paper 3: Economics and Business Fundamentals
Paper 4: Business Mathematics and Statistics Fundamentals

B) Competency Level – Part-II
Paper 5: Financial Accounting
Paper 6: Applied Statutory Compliance

Please refer the prospectus or link CAT Prospectus  for details.


23. Please provide me the list of all centres of Examinations?


You can refer the below link for Complete list of all Centres of Examinations:
CAT Prospectus

24. What is the standard of pass/ Can I get exemption in any paper at any time?

A Candidate of Foundation Course (Entry Level Part - I) shall be declared to have passed in the Examination if he secures minimum 40% marks in each paper and an aggregate of 50% of total marks of the Part – I examination. The same standard is applicable in Competency Level Part – II as well.

Exemption: If a candidate is unsuccessful in passing Competency Level Part-II examination but secures 60% or more marks in any paper, he shall be exempted in that paper from appearing in subsequent examination. For calculation of aggregate in the subsequent examination of Competency Level Part II examination, the marks in exempted paper will be reckoned as 50.
The benefit of exemption of marks mentioned above, shall automatically ceases if a candidate, on his own, appears in any examination for such exempted paper.


25. What is the Scope of this Course/ Where can I get Job after completion of this Course/Job Opportunities?

Students after passing CAT Course and after Computer & Practical Training and Orientation Training, will acquire necessary skills to take up employment as Junior Accountants or Accountants in the areas of:
i) Small & Medium Enterprises;
ii) Business Processes Outsourcing (BPO);
iii) Knowledge Processes Outsourcing (KPO);
iv) Retail Sector;
v) Panchayats Accounting and Book-keeping;
vi) Income Tax Return Preparers;
vii) Service Tax Return Preparers;
viii) Filing of Returns under Companies Act;
ix) Filing of Returns under Income Tax, VAT, Service Tax, Central Excise and Custom Act etc;
x) Export & Import documentation etc;
The necessary skills and knowledge would also provide an opportunity to work in different kinds of companies and organizations and will give the choice of wide variety of other job opportunities.

26. A CAT student admitted to Level I, completes Graduation during his CAT coaching or after appearing for Level I Examination. Can he/she now be allowed to appear for CAT Level II Examination directly?

Such candidates shall be allowed to sit for CAT Level II Examination. 

27. Graduates, especially non-commerce Graduate, seek admission to Level I by paying fees for Level I with the intension of gaining basic knowledge of Commerce and Accountancy and after undergoing the required coaching want to appear for CAT Level II Exam directly. Can it be allowed?

Such candidates shall be allowed to sit for CAT Level II Examination,provided the candidate completes the coaching for Level II.

28. A CAT student admitted to Level I fails in his Level I Examination but completes Oral Coaching for Level II. Now he/she wants to appear for Both the Levels. Can it be allowed?

Such students can be admitted to Examinations for Both the Levels subject to the following:
(a) students completing Oral Coaching for Level II with at least 70% attendance
(b) students paying fees for both the Levels of Examinations
(c) the students will have to qualify the Examinations for Both the Levels to become eligible for CAT Certificate,